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Best long term betting strategy (2021)




long term betting strategy

There are a lot of betting strategies that you can apply while gambling. You need to experiment with each one of them to find out which one works best for you. As a matter of fact, nobody can ever recommend you a strategy that will definitely work for you. Mathematicians and experts all around the world are trying to come up with the best long term betting strategy that works for each and every individual. They have also been trying to find various ways to easily identify and read bingo patterns or cheat skill machines. However, they have not been able to find develop one best strategy that works for all. Instead, they have come up with many different betting strategies that work for a majority of people. In this article, you will find out some of the very best betting strategies of all time. The only thing you are supposed to do is to find the strategy that best suits you. Try them out the next time you go to a casino and hit that jackpot. Let’s discuss the top betting strategies that will for sure pay you off in the long run.

long term betting strategy

Choosing the right strategy is crucial for winning

Long Term Betting Strategies

There are several different betting strategies, of which many can forecast a possible win. However the odds of not hitting the jackpot and losing the game always exist. If you really want to win big and get benefitted in the long run from the strategies that you are about to find out, then you are in the right place.

The banker bet

In baccarat, betting the banker might be your best option when it comes to a long term betting strategy. You might already know a lot about the accumulator bet which is a kind of a bet where different selections are combined in such a way that it comprises a single bet. A minimum of four selections is required to form this kind of bet. However, there is no upper limit and there can be more than 4 selections. The banker bet on the other hand differs from the accumulator bet. It should be noted that banker bet refers to adding to the accumulator bet which has to win for sure otherwise the entire bet will be lost. In other words, the banker bet acts as a firm base upon which your bet comprised of different selections is formed. This selection has to win at all costs to ensure that the remaining portion of your bet is fruitful. This bet greatly reduces the risk factor which ultimately means that it increases your chances of winning.

One important factor that should always be kept in mind is that if you are uncertain regarding a player or team on which you are betting that they might not deliver the outcome you are expecting, then there is no point to go for a banker bet.

The only drawback of the banker bet is for beginners. In the banker bet, you have to pay comparatively more than the accumulator bet. The reason behind that is because you are placing a combination of several bets. Additionally, it is not guaranteed that you will generate profit even if you can succeed in one of the bets.

Placing a Single Bet

People have always been figuring out which bet would be more profitable for them in the long term? If you have placed a bet ever in your life, you might always be wondering about this. A single bet or a multiple bet? Which one would be better? Which one will help me earn big? What should be my ultimate strategy? Single bets are not so complex and have more chances of winning. It is also one of the most famous betting methods around the world. In a single bet, the chance of losing or in other words, the risk factor decreases because it concerns a single selection to get a rewarding outcome. On the contrary, there is more risk involved when taking into consideration multiple bets i.e. doubles and trebles, etc.

If we consider statistics, then according to probability suppose a person places 20 multiple and 20 single wagers, then the chances of winning for singles are higher than the multiples. With proper research, single bets can help you reap plenty of long term benefits.

Proportional Betting Strategy

A proportional Betting strategy can be very handy if you are afraid of losing a huge chunk of your fortune in a single go. Using this strategy, players stake a small section of their bankroll and after winning each time, they increase their stakes by that percentage.

For example, if a player has a bankroll of $2000 he stake 20% of the total bankroll. Then he would be required to stake $400 initially. If he wins, he will then add to his winnings and get 20% of his new total for the upcoming bet.  Put it another way, if a punter wins $300, he will then add this to his $2000 bankroll. After calculating 20% of $2300, they will get $460.

In short, using the proportional betting system, the chances of winning are increased and are more than the fixed betting system. Besides, in the proportional betting system, the losses are also delayed. Another major advantage of this betting system is that players never run out of budget as they bet only a small chunk of their budget. More importantly, discipline and proper betting plans are necessary for applying this strategy, and that ultimately promotes good habits and this can prove rewarding in the long run as chances of success are maximized.

Counting cards

In blackjacks, counting cards can be an effective strategy to win. In this game, the players try to guess the next card after counting to find out if they could get an edge over the dealer. Put it another way, this strategy involves players thoroughly counting the cards and then predicting the next one trying to get an edge over the casino. This long term betting strategy is extremely popular in the world of gambling. Players can easily manage to get rid of the house edge by using this strategy. Payers opt for this strategy to generate huge profits by winning multiple games.

The Hoyle’s Press

The Hoyle’s press or Oscar’s Grind is another long term betting strategy that can give you many benefits. This strategy is also called Pluscoup Progression in the French and German languages. It is this strategy that allows players to change the size of their bet, making it easier for them to win. This strategy involves a very minimum level of risk factor as far as the losses are concerned. However, with this strategy, the profits generated are also less. Punters use this strategy mostly in Roulette. The overall goal of this strategy is to generate a single unit of profit in each cycle. The cycle comes to an end as soon as the punters succeed in making this profit. This simple yet effective strategy is for people who are not after big wins and want to play safe with minimal risk involved.

The D’Alembert Betting Strategy

If you don’t want to take big risks or you want to avoid losses, then this is the strategy that you should opt for. Jean le Rond d’Alembert was a well-known French mathematician and this strategy is named after him. With an extremely low-risk factor involved, the D’Alembert betting strategy is regarded as one of the safest betting strategies out there. The D’Alembert system is a negative progression system just like the Martingale betting system which we will be discussing in a while. Though D’Alembert himself fell for the gambler’s fallacy, he managed to come up with one of the best and profitable betting strategies of all time. The Gambler’s Fallacy also called the Monte Carlo Fallacy refers to a phenomenon where a person believes that the result of a series of different events will ultimately impact the end result of an event that is about to happen in the future whereas, in actuality, no two events are dependent on each other but are instead independent.

This system is specifically designed for games with an approximate 50% or more chance of winning. In this strategy, the punters are not supposed to double their bets. By using this strategy, the bettors are required to increase the bet by one unit in case they lose and decrease it by one unit in case they win. This is clearly a great strategy because here you are not required to raise your bet two times in case you lose. Instead, you simply raise your bet by one unit if you lose and if you win, you decrease your bet size by a single unit. Furthermore, for this strategy players are required to choose a select sum of money or a chip as a “Unit”.  That is totally up to them.

The only drawback associated with this system of betting is that because the chances of losing are minimum and that it is less risky compared to other betting strategies, it is however not as profitable. Meaning, don’t expect to win something extraordinarily huge.

Paroli Betting Strategy

Paroli is a kind of positive system of progression. It is a simple long term betting strategy and is regarded as one of the best betting strategies for beginners. The Paroli betting strategy is widely used in sports as well. This system was developed in the 16th century and punters use it to maximize their profits by increasing their chances of winning and avoid losses. Using this strategy, whenever a bettor wins, he is supposed to double the size of his wager. This strategy can be applied to numerous casino games including Baccarat, Roulette, Craps, and Blackjack, etc. Furthermore, during winning streaks, punters bet more to increase their profits and during losing streaks, they bet less to avoid heavy losses. According to advocates, compared to negative systems of progression, the Paroli betting strategy is way better it comes to consistency and stability. When it comes to substantial bankroll, this system does not require that either, which is another plus point.

Moreover, those who already know about the Martingale betting system would find this system way better and reliable. It is because in the Martingale system, as soon as you lose, you bet raises by two times. It means that if you are on a losing streak, chances are that you will lose a huge sum of money in no time. The Paroli system works completely opposite to the Martingale system. You double your bet after a win and this makes this system comparatively less risky than the Martingale. Punters use this strategy in casinos while playing Roulette mostly and research has found that players find this system better than the Martingale system because firstly, the losses are not that huge, they are small. And secondly, all the losses never come at once. So, players don’t have to exceed their budget. To sum up, if you want to be more profitable in the long term and that you don’t want to lose a lot of money, then this strategy is especially for you. Try your luck and see if it works for you.

Stan’s Betting Strategy

This betting strategy is not used much now but it counts among the world’s best betting strategies of all time. Players use this strategy to earn huge rewards and lose less, ultimately making them profitable in the long run. This long term betting strategy is quite simple with ranges from 6 to 61. It depends on the punters to choose a range of their choice within the standard one to play.

Let’s analyze an example to better understand this betting system. Suppose a punter places a bet in the range of 10-20. Now on the very first attempt, if the punter manages to win, their unit goes down to 9 and if they lose, it will increase. In other words, if you are able to stay within your set range, then for every win or loss, you will gain a single unit. Punters have a high liking for this strategy as they can’t lose at all if they can manage their winning streak.

The Winning Edge Betting System

In this list of top long-term betting strategies, the Winning edge betting systems fall on the 9th spot.  All over the world, among all the popular and interesting casino games, Roulette is one of them. In a game of Roulette, the winning edge strategy is considered one of the most rewarding and easy strategies that can be extremely profitable in the long run.

On the Roulette betting table, there exist six money bets. For example high, low, black, red,  even, and odd.  Punters are free to choose any of these sectors to apply the Winning Edge Betting strategy. Using this system, you will for sure get the benefits. However, the only drawback is that it is time-consuming. It needs approximately 30 mins to wind up a series. Therefore, you are supposed to be patient and keep your nerves cool while working with this betting system.

The Martingale Betting System

After analyzing multiple betting strategies, it is now time that we discuss the Martingale betting system. The Martingale betting system came into existence in the 18th century. The system’s named after a popular casino owner from Britain John Henry Martingale.  It is also called the no-lose betting system. This system involves a  slightly greater risk factor. However, the chances of winning are greater as well. Punters who have years of experience know how to handle this betting system without incurring heavy losses. As mentioned above, this system works completely opposite to the Paroli betting system. In this system, you will have to double the size of your bet after losing until you manage to win.

To understand this system more easily, let’s discuss an example. Suppose a player places a bet of $200 and fails to win. They will now have to keep on doubling this bet until they win. It means that for beginners who do not have a heavy budget, this strategy will leave them broke. However, if you keep maintaining your winning streak, then you will definitely be able to bag a huge sum of money. The Martingale system is a definite winning strategy for punters with an unlimited bankroll. Because of its simplicity and effectiveness, this long term betting strategy has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Keeping in mind the risk it involves, apply this strategy wisely and win big.

The Bottom Line

After explaining in detail the top 10 betting strategies that are not only effective and reliable but also involving a lesser risk factor, it is now time for players to experiment and find out the strategy that works for them better than others. Different strategies are designed and developed for different individuals and no one strategy can work for everyone.  Therefore, it is important that players explore, learn, experiment, and then choose a strategy that best suits them. However, for most people, the proportional betting strategy might work the best. Because it is less risky and can be profitable in the long run, both experienced and inexperienced individuals can apply this long term betting strategy.

Good luck and keep winning!



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