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Cheat Codes For Slot Machines 2024




Cheat Codes For Slot Machines

Slot machines are the most amazing and lucrative games that the players, the house, and cheaters enjoy at casinos. Since huge profits are available with the slot machines, so the cheaters and the house are playing the game of cat and mouse since their invention.

The slot machine has a lot of definitions. It is a machine in which you put money or coins to win more coins or money. Sometimes the machine consists of buttons they handle but throughout time, slot machines have been changing with the technology and time. In other words, it refers to a gambling machine in which you put coins or money to get more so people call it a vending machine.

Slot cheaters are using some naughty tricks for many years. In this article, we tell you some naughty and sneaky cheat codes for slot machines. But we do not recommend you using these cheat codes since it is not ethical at all.

Cheat Codes For Slot Machines

Cheat Codes For Slot Machines

Naughty And Sneaky Cheat Codes For Slot Machines

The history of slot machines started between 1890 and 1895. There were certain cheat codes, tricks, or methods of manipulating the slot machine. With time and technology, cheats and methods to manipulate slot machines have been taking birth as well. For example, scammers used the infamous slots cheat method in the early times. It would allow the person to know the source codes and win the game easily. In 1995, the scam was busted and the scammer who invented the cheat code got the punishment in a jail. After that, he eventually got out but it was a matter of time when they arrested him again. There are several cheat codes to trick or manipulate the slot machine. The following are some naughty and sneaky cheat codes for slot machines:

  • Shaved Coins For Slot Machines
  • The Bill Validator Device
  • Magnet For Cheating Slot Machines
  • Piano Wire
  • Software Glitch
  • Yo-Yo
  • Replacing The Computer Chip
  • Cheat Code For Slot Machines
  • Monkey Paw
  • Fake Coins For Slot Machines
  • Top-Bottom Joint
  • Light Wand

Shaved Coins For Slot Machines

Another cheat code is the shaved coins. In this trick, particularly both of the sides of a coin were sleek and clear and would allow the coin to pass on and it was some kind of a trick and people used it a lot. It is an ancient trick in slot machines but it is really interesting. Nowadays, this scam does not work. However, it is interesting to know this cheating trick. With the advancement in technology, slot machines are using light sensors for registering payments. Moreover, the optic sensor works separately from the physical sensor in most slot machines.

In old days, the cheaters used to send down the shaved coins in the slot machines. They used shaved coins as an object that was similar to the size and shape of the stake coins. Further, the shaved coins would return while the other object would go down into the slot machine and begin play.

“God is not a slot machine. We don’t go to God to get something; we go to give something.”

Magnet For Cheating Slot Machines

Another cheat code is the magnet. It was a tricky method like people or gamblers would use a piece of magnet to manipulate the rounds or figures. Besides, it is not an ancient trick because the early slot machines were made of metal and there was not much technology so this was effective in the older times but not now. Also, it is not possible to cheat the modern slot machines with a magnet these days. The reason is that they are programmed by computer software. This computer software is of the advanced type. Moreover, modern slot machines are non-magnetic.

But the cheater used to cheat the slot machines by using a magnet. In the past, slot machines were manufactured from metal so it was easy to cheat the old slot machines. The cheaters used to spin the reels and use a strong magnet from the outside of the machine. By doing so, they could stop the slot machine spinning when they saw the winning combination. Then the cheaters would remove the magnet and ask for the reward and payment. In the past, many people earned huge profits by using this trick.

Software Glitch

The cheaters have manipulated the software glitches for many years. The cheaters can confuse the machine by playing a certain pattern of games and stakes. Besides, they trigger glitches that will pay them a huge profit. The players have enjoyed this cheating trick for the past many years. But now the jackpots of the players are not acceptable if they use this trick.

In 2015, an incident happened when a grandmother of 90 years won $41 million. She won this huge profit on a Miss Kitty slot machine in the Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo. Afterward, she tried to sue the casino. But the court rejected her appeal after three years.

Cheat Codes For Slot Machines

Cheat Codes For Slot Machines in Casinos

Replacing The Computer Chip

First, Dennis Nikrasch utilized this cheating trick in a casino. He purchased a slot machine. Then he messed about this slot machine. Besides, he came to know all the flaws. Furthermore, he worked out the computer chips inside the slot machine that can be re-programmed for manipulation. In this way, they controlled the jackpots on tap.

Nirasch purchased a lot of chips, got hold of a bunch of keys of slot machines, hired a team of scammers, and initiated an era of scamming that was dangerous for the casinos. Even this cheating trick would bleed the casinos dry for many years. Additionally, he applied this cheating trick by switching the independent chips for the manipulated chips.

Monkey Paw

Carmichael was the creator of this cheating trick. He was a genius in terms of cheating tricks. Additionally, he tested out the new methods on a video poker machine. Then he made the correct contraption eventually. Afterward, he got the string of the guitar and attached it with the bent metal rod. Then he would thrust it into the air vent of the machine. Moreover, he wriggled it around till the time for the coin hopper, he clicked the trigger switch. This cheating trick was amazing and easy.

Top-Bottom Joint

Another cheat code is called the top-bottom joint. It is a very fascinating method. This cheating method was famous in the 1970s and 1980s. Besides, this was one of the most cunning cheating tricks at slot machines in the past. The cheaters used a tool that was split into two parts including top and bottom parts. The top part was a metal rod and its ends were bent in the shape of q. Moreover, the bottom part was a long wire.

The cheaters used to jam the slot machines by putting the bottom part through the coin chute. Also, they put the top part through the coin slot. Hence, the cheaters used to force the game for releasing all the stored coins.

Cheat Codes For Slot Machines

Slot Machines in Casinos

The Bill Validator Device

This is an effective and easy cheating trick. This is a small device wrapped around a bill for fooling the slot machine to think it accepts a $100 bill. But it accepts only a $1 bill in reality.

Piano Wire

In 1982, a group of men worked in Atlantic City at the Caesars Boardwalk Regency casino. One man opened the slot machine that he targeted. Then he attached 20 inches long piano wires to the whirring guts of the game. The wires of the piano used to jam the clock that usually measured the wheel rotations. Hence, the man could manipulate the spins by using the piano wires. Moreover, this group won the jackpot of $50,000. But their scam was recorded in a video. Also, they were arrested by the police. In short, this cheating trick is an old but interesting trick in the world of lot cheats.


Another method is the yoyo trick. It is a very common trick and scammers used it a lot. Even many players used this trick for the coin video game. So it was effective in ancient times but not nowadays. Further, this cheating trick was a unique technique. The cheater attaches a string to the coin. He sends the coin into the machine till the time it triggers the beginning of the game. Then the cheater brings the coin back up by using the string.

Moreover, it is a classic cheating trick if it works. So you can win a huge jackpot in this case. These days, the cheaters thank the march of technology for this cheating technique.

Cheat Code For Slot Machines

The gambling authorities ensure the fair and correct operation of the gaming industry. Engineers design gaming machines. So they can monitor and audit the gaming machine while delivering quality gameplay. But sometimes, the cunning engineers decide to rig the codes for their benefit. An engineer, Ronald Dale Harris from the Nevada Gaming Commission, utilized this cheating trick. He was well aware of the fact that how to cheat the slot machine.

Moreover, he continued cheating the slot machines by knowing the source codes. But when his partner won a huge jackpot of $100,000 in the casino, the scam was discovered by the authorities.

Fake Coins For Slot Machines

Fake coins are also a method of manipulating a slot machine. Con artist Louis used fake coins to scam the casino for many years. But the casino caught him red-handed in 1998. Then he got bail in 2006. After that, he started doing cheating again. The police arrested him again after a few months eventually. In short, using fake coins is an old method of cheating in history.

Cheat Codes For Slot Machines

Naughty Ways For Cheating Slot Machines

Light Wand

First, Tommy Glenn Carmichael created this cheating technique. He was one of the most notorious slot cheaters in the whole history of gambling. The magicians including Dynamo, David Blaine, and David Copperfield might have the capability for creating the illusion of something happening. But Carmichael would utilize the light wand for making huge jackpots win magically appear out of the air.

The light wand would blind the optical sensor on the slot machines. Therefore, the slot machine could not find out how many coins were deposited into it. It means the slot machine did not know about the payout. Henceforth, Carmichael turned his small wins into massive payouts by manipulating the slot machine through this cheating trick.

It is Tricky to Cheat Slot Machines

There are a lot of cheat codes available for slot machines. With time and technology, there comes new cheat codes for slot machines 2020. But nowadays as we all know all the slot machines have computerized features and they have a high-security system. So nowadays if someone tries to use a code on a slot machine so there’s a 90% chance it won’t happen and the security will get him whoever tries to do it the wrong way like not in the fairway.

Furthermore, the casino and slot machines authorities are very strict on everything nowadays and the security is flawless in every casino. With time, there are so many new kinds of slot machines. Some are big and some are small. You get to see a lot of new things in the gambling and casino world. Nowadays little kids can figure out how to trick or manipulate certain slot machines. Well cheating a slot machine is a very risky thing and you cannot do it if you are not a professional at it.

Wrapping It Up The Cheat Codes For Slot Machines

Slot machines are the best tool for earning huge profits these days in casinos. We have given you some naughty and sneaky ways to cheat slot machines including software glitch, computer chip replacement, monkey paw, bill validator device, piano wire, top-bottom joint, yo-yo, light wand, fake coins, magnet, shaved coins, and cheat codes for slot machines 2020. We can cheat slot machines in different kinds of ways. Some are risky some are not risky. Some are legal some are not legal. But sometimes some gamblers would do anything to win. However, we do not recommend you using any cheating tricks. You should try to win the jackpot through your intelligence and effort. So enjoy the slot machine games at the casinos and have fun.

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