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The Philippines President Removes Ban on Boracay Casino




The Philippines president

Rodrigo Duterte, the president of the Philippines, announces to lift the ban on all Boracay Casino-related activities in Boracay on August 28. Finally, casinos will be no longer on a moratorium period from Saturday in the top tourist spot in the Philippines. The president’s spokesperson, Harry Roque, explains how the country needs to raise funds for Covid-19 pandemic purposes. The government will be using casinos in Boracay to generate taxes to cover the expenses. Boracay Island is a top tourist location in the Philippines and can help reach the target easily.

“The president has given his go signal allowing the operation of a casino in Boracay,” says Harry Roque, the spokesperson of the president of the Philippines.

A political agitator opposing the construction of Boracay casinos in the Philippines seems to be defeated by the new implementation. This rebellion has been going on for a very long time but could not succeed in their goal. The cause of the failure is that casinos are actually one of the biggest businesses in the Philippines. Hence, even after a huge amount of effort, the firebrand leaders fail to accomplish their tasks of stopping all casino activities in the Philippines.

The top tourist location, Boracay Island will be following complete Covid-19 SOPs. Anyone who does not follow the standard operating procedures will be banned from gambling along with youngsters below 18 according to the president of the Philippines.

Lifting Casino Moratorium Helps Economy Growth in Boracay

The Philippines president

Boracay Island before the Pandemic

For a long time, the Philippines’ economic situation has been deteriorating dramatically. Even though, the Philippines president is working hard to improve the situation. This is due to the casinos’ lengthy lockdown and moratorium period. The country struggled to collect tax revenues as a result of numerous business closures. Before the pandemic, the country has been generating a decent amount of tax that kept its economic growth stable. Boracay is one of the greatest tourist spots. It has white sand, rustic-chic beach shacks, and a hammock swaying gently between two palm palms. All while a turquoise sea laps at the shore. The location is itself very pleasing to visit. However, with so many casinos to gamble, it was much more entertaining for the tourists.

A New Hope For License Holders

This decision of the Philippines president has given the provisional license holders, particularly the Phipllines Global Group Aliiance Inc., a good chance of success. On Saturday, Global Group Alliance’s chairman, Andrew Tan, announces that they will continue their resort project in the Philippines. He also provided some details of the project. According to Mr. Tan, their new project will be having multiple hotels along with a golf course. The casino will have lots of slots.

“We are very hopeful that the tourism industry in this island will recover fast after the pandemic,” says Andrew Tan, the Chairman of AGGI.

Other license holders, such as Leisure and Resorts World Corp., which is partnered with Macau’s Galaxy Group, are expected to prosper well with the new announcement. Even though, in 2018, the Philippines president had Galaxy Group’s proposal of building a $500 million casino. According to the president of the gambling regulation, Galaxy will start operations centered on overseas gamblers. When asked if the casinos will be operating outside of office hours, the partners, Galaxy and Leisure Resorts World, declined to say anything.


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