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How to win at Fu Dao Le Slot Machine: Best Guide of 2021




How to win at Fu Dao Le Slot Machine

Aristocrat is known for making great games and the Fu Dao Le is one of their most popular creations to date and as evident in their development, there is a big variance in the difficulty of these machines and for that guide centric on the question of how to win at Fu Dao Le slot machine is very popular and in this article, we will take on answering that.

What is the Fu Dai Slot Machine?

How to win at Fu Dao Le Slot Machine

The Basic Outlay

Before going into the guide, it is important to have an idea about the Fu Dai slot machine.

Where to play the Fu Dai Slot Machine?

The game is available on TwinSpires Casino, which is one of the most reliable ways of playing the game and it is our recommendation.

The Asian Theme

The game has a theme that is clearly inspired by Chinese and Japanese culture. This is one of the red flags in the gambling scene that the game will be tougher than usually what is there on offer. The answer to the question on how to win at Fu Dao Le Slot machine has a lot to do with the cultural influence of the Asian theme on the game.

The Credit Base of Fu Dai Slot Machine

This is emphasized by the 88 increments of the credit bet, with 8s being particularly fortunate in China and Japan. The game assesses 50 rows.

Panda and Dragon

The stacked symbols in the game have two versions, one is known as the Dragon while the other is known as the Panda. The bonuses that are associated with each differ by a small amount but overall the issue of differentiation between them will not be big.

Fu Dai Slot Machines and the Jackpots

Jackpots are very honest and easily attainable and the chances of landing one are the same, the relationship though is positive between getting the jackpots and the bid you place. The higher the bid the higher chances of landing a jackpot.

The 30 Dollars

You need to play with dimes on the Fu Dai slot machine and they allow you at least $30.00 on a spin.

Bonuses in Fu Dai Slot Machine

The path towards the bonus in this game has 3 three different roads that you can take, making it very interesting and unlike other slot games. In the Fu Dai slot machine, you have the ability to trigger the bonus and not progressively make a choice.

The 3 coins

You need to be aware of three colored coins in this game, that are linking to a matching bag.


The green coin will be different with respect to the two themes, we talked about. The Dragon and the Panda. With green, you should expect that the reels you have grow but the Panda will give you fewer wilds in comparison to the Dragon.


Just collect the letters with this coin to win a jackpot at the end.


Using the purple coins, you can earn more free games or credit awards. For line hits, multipliers are used.

The Coin Bag

When the coins we talked about above go into a bag, it looks very cool and it does trigger a bonus. With the purple and green, 5 free spins are given to you but with the jackpot, you have 10 free spins.

If you have a combination of these coins, then the algorithm in the Fu Dai slot machine works differently and they combine together giving you an edge in the game and all the coins rotate in the bag.

The Coin Combinations

With the Green and Red coins, you can get 5 free spins, but you can’t trigger additional bonuses but just additional spins if your purple coin’s bonus is active. If you have either one of them or a combination of both then you can retrigger the free spins if the cousins retain their color.

The most rewarding feature of the game is Mega, which unites all three of the power coins and gives you bigger roles, more spins, and the opportunity to hit a jackpot, all of which have winds, depending on the version, to also deliver line hits.

These powers, the ability to combine them and hit different bonuses, extensions, and the collection of the letter makes this game very addicting but as good as this game is made to capture your full attention, it also is not like usual slots and can make you lose money with ease.

How to win at Fu Dao Le Slot Machine? Telling you about the basics to be able to tell you the secret was very important, now coming to the best strategies one can deploy in Fu Dai slot machines to win big in 2021.

Best Strategy for the Fu Dao Le Slot Machine

How to win at Fu Dao Le Slot Machine

The Strategy!

We first of all need to know some very basic tools that will be used by us while deploying the winning strategy for Fu Dao Le Slots.

The Basic Tools

The popularity of the Fu Dao Le is increasing in LA and Macao and has seen a big surge of new players. The game is based on an Asian theme and it is not easy to find strategies for it online or anywhere. The strategy that we have is applicable both online and on physical machines.

You need to remember two things; Fortune and prosperity as it is part of the Asian-centric nature of this game and it plays a big role in your success while playing this game.

The game doesn’t have a fixed pay line and you have to play in three-line with five reels and there are 243 different ways to win at this game.

The betting or the bet credit amount in this game will end with the number 8, like many other Chinese games. 8:38:88:128 and so on, this increases the volatility of the machine and also it gives a boost to your chances of the reel hit.

With 243 different ways to win, you can win 50x and 100x and the structure and the algorithm of the game don’t make this something rare and it occurs very often in comparison to other slots out there.

Three features and bonuses are available – free games, progressive bonuses, and red surplus. If there is a great win and bonus, Fu Babies can emerge on the screen to notify you that “Good Fortune has come” in a deliberate way.

The winning method to win at Fu Dao Le Slot

Finally, we have some to the point where the strategy will be revealed in depth after building up your basics about the game.

Higher Stakes ∝ More Chances of a Free Game Bonus

The Fu Dao Le slot lies 50/50 in favor of the player with a return to player of 96 percent. However, what makes the thrill so exciting is the various methods by which you may win. In terms of the strategy Fu Dao Le, increase your stakes if you can afford them because they increase your chances to get the free games bonus.

Free Games

The reels 2,3 ad 4 will result in a free game but it will also result in a line hit. This will reward you with free games, which obviously is a great thing but the trigger pay to have a line hit is a great platform to start with.

The free game starts with an 8, there are multiple wilds on the middle reel and a plethora of wild symbols generally, this helps to give more edge to you winning. Gongs on reel 5 will result in adding free games while also acting as a wild.

The free games are great as they increase your chances of hitting big but the volatile nature of the game is such that they might result in nothing. The roughly big hit, if you can play well and smartly, can be 100x on one spin.

Progressive Picking Bonus

If the middle of the screen shows a special symbol, it means it can be a big drive towards hitting big if it doesn’t, then it is just a means of filling the bucket, sending money soaring upwards. On exploding, 15 coins will be added to the progressive select screen which is then added to make you pick your bonus. The fact that there are 4 progressive and 15 coins does not imply that other possibilities are not disclosed. This is a default bonus.

The progressive rewards in this game can build up resulting in a substantial increase in your chances of winning, for example, I won $190 using the progressive picking bonus.

How to win at Fu Dao Le slot machine has many answers but one of them is to get yourself to research and learn about the progressive picking bonus.

The Red Envelope Bonus

From reels between 1 and 5, you will see many symbols having the red envelope symbol on them. If you land on them, then you will be rewarded the red envelope bonus, which starts from $100 ad it can build over time, depending on the level you have and your progression. In some casinos, this is blocked but do look out for those machines where this is enabled because this can be a great launching pad for you that increases your probability of success in this game.

The Conclusion

How to win at Fu Dao Le slot machine was the question and the answer to it is not as simple, as you can see from the article. First of all, you need to understand the nature of the Asian-themed slot machines and then understand the basics of the strategy. Then deploying a winning strategy has to be done when you check few factors like finding a machine that has the red envelope bonus enabled.

In comparison to what you might find with such machines in Japan and China, it is relatively easy to win at Asian-themed machines in Europe and the United State as here they still have not made it as tough as it is back home for the players.










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