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Geranblue 100 000 casino chip daily bonus: How to play and use them 2024




Geranblue 100 000 casino chip daily bonus

Poker is a game that is highly fruitful and winning chips in it is easy. Geranblue 100 000 casino chip daily bonus backs the claim really well, if the chips weren’t easy to win; why would they give it to you for free? Let’s go and check how we can use their chips and win more but most importantly get to know the exit strategy.

The RNG levels

Geranblue 100 000 casino chip daily bonus

The Layout

Foremost let’s talk about the random factor in poker and how it makes a relatively won game to be against you and you lose.

RNG stands for random number generator and it determines the sequence of cards in online poker. They can never be controlled or affected by you and you thus must know how to read the right moment to exit the game.

  1. Get a combination of two or more cards.
  2. Then you have to bet lower or higher in the double up.
  3. The winning rate for double up is important, the winning rate is so high and the rate is more than 50% but the winning rate is the standard winning rate and doesn’t apply to hand combinations.
  4. You need to know the effect of the random factors, like flush; straight or full house in hand.
  5. RNG levels come in this and they randomize your winning margin and it makes it very hard.
  6. It is very hard to beat this factor and to overcome this. You need to know when to quit.

“Casino gambling is colorful and dramatic and theatrical.”

Quitting and the RNG levels

Geranblue 100 000 casino chip daily bonus

Winning Strategy!

The Geranblue 100 000 casino chip daily bonus is given to you and you will feel happy but do know if you don’t go and analyze the RNG levels and anticipate the quitting moment at the right time and starting a new round then you are bound to lose more than the chips given to you for free. We will tell you about it through these tips.

Tip 1

The RNG levels are always low for three-of-a-kind cards or two pairs, the chips you should keep at this point should be between 1000 to 3000 or aim to have 1600-3000 every round. When you see the number 7 or 8, then stop and start a new round.

Tip 2

If your hand combination is better than two, keep going until you see five, six, seven, eight, or nine, and then don’t click at all because the RNG levels are high now. Then start the next round, the card at hand each round remains the same as in the first tip.

Tip 3

Poker is a very steady game but it doesn’t mean you will always go with a smooth rate. The best way is to identify your goal. Take your chips and not become greedy and move to the next game like bingo etc. In Gerablue when you hit 300k chips just stop and not shake the hand of excess chips.

How to play correctly

You need to know the basics of poker before proceeding, have a look at Wikipedia.  This will help you get the best out of the Geranblue 100 000 casino chip daily bonus.

The Poker you need to have:

In this order your flop should be setup:

An instant winning card 4 to an outside straight
4 to a flush Just a Joker card
A pair

Other combinations besides these will be risky and you will waste the time to click (you will read about clicking in fast and how it helps you)

Higher or lower:

2-7, press High. 9-A, press low. Every time, don’t look at the cap.

8’s are very special in the first round as the return on them will be 50%. You should not avoid it and play them, as the aim is to play as many H/L as possible (H/L is where the money is made in GeranBlue). From another hand of poker, the return will be 30% which is low. In the next round, the high and lows depend on what cards have come in the previous round and the choice between a high or a low will be decided on how many low or high cards are there.

The masters of the game remember the cards played in the previous round but for beginners, it is very hard to grasp so I would suggest you to pick high or low and stick with the choice for every 8 forevermore. IT is not possible for this method to fall below the optimal which is 30%, and you need to not walk away at this stage and not be scared if you reach the optimal.

Ultimate guide

Geranblue 100 000 casino chip daily bonus

The ultimate guide

The physical poker machines give you a higher return per player and it is around 85# on average in Australia but the Geranblue is very low in comparison and only gives a return on the player of 75% and it can go even below that.

The thing in which a physical poker game can’t beat the GeranBlue is when the H/L for the higher or lower mini-game that is played with two cards comes into play. When you with a steady strategy as described in the above three tips win a hand of poker, entering into this game can give you a return on the player of up to 160%.

The end goal is to reach Christina with as many chips as possible. The statistical backing for this isn’t possible on the computer I am currently writing the article on and nor it is a very easy thing to predict. But the faster you click, the smarter you play and the more right moves you make you can make 12k chips from merely 1k chips. Which itself shows how easy it can get for you. The average hand takes 5-6 minutes and if you play correctly the expect 3-5 million chips per hour.

Bottom Line

The game is all about luck and experience can only give you a set of routes that you may follow and might give you great success but it is not always a given that they will work because of different factors that can’t be predicted easily and due to the ever-changing algorithm in online poker.

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