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How to Cheat the Skill Machine?




how to cheat the skill machine

Cheating a skill machine is not out of question but it can be illegal if you tinker with the device or run code. How to cheat the skill machine, we can tell you here; but it is only for information purposes only and we are not going to advocate for unlawful practices like tinkering with the slot machine, etc.

Cheating the Skill Machine

Cheating the skilled machine can be done but the element of luck and the lack of certainty is there, follow these steps.

Bar Bar Double

  1. Place a bet and the machine will tell how much expected payout you will have if it is less than the bet you have a place; even then proceed with the bet.
  2. Now after winning this amount, place another bet. Most bets will give you a payout of zero so keep on increasing the bet until a payout is shown on the screen. Now place the bet.
  3. Repeat step 2 and place a bet when you have a payout on the screen.
  4. Now you will place a bet and you will be winning big, and you will get free spins.
how to cheat the skill machine

Bar Bar Double

Full Moon Fever

  1. Check what bet is the best for you, 25 cents, 50 cents, 1 dollar, 2 dollars,s or 4 dollars,s and see which one gives the highest payout and then place the bet.
  2. Keep on doing this and you will be winning a good amount if you follow the principle in step 5 carefully.
  3. We won 3 dollars on only 50 cents doing step 5 and step 6 and kept repeating and we were ahead on most of our bets.
how to cheat the skill machine

Full Moon Fever

Key West

  1. You have 25 cents, 50 cents, 1 dollar, 2 dollars, and 4 dollar bets.
  2. You aren’t aware of what will be after your spin, so be careful and you might not be aware, but you can preview the next spin. Most people avoid this.
  3. Place bets and see which one is paying the best and play, the higher the payout with respect to your bet, the better.
how to cheat the skill machine

Use the preview button

Black Pearl

  1. Try to hit the 3 pearls as much as you can, it will give a bonus round.
  2. If there is a zero don’t bet at all.
  3. Wait for the time when your bet can give you more payout.
  4. It can result in an x4 bet.
  5. Play and base your game on the next 2 previews, not just one.
how to cheat the skill machine

12 dollars on a 50 cents bet

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