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Gas Station Slot Machine Hacks: The Best Hacks of 2024




Gas Station Slot Machine Hacks

Slot Machines are the most popular machines because both the owners and the customers are in a race to gain the trust of the odds in their favor. How to win on slot machines in gas stations hack is also following the same path, but only the cheaters are able to truly benefit from it.

These are some of the best hacks that worked according to our surveys in 2021, and many naughty customers have won big time using them.

Top methods

Fraudulent code

Shaved coins

Fake coins

The string trick

Piano wire

Magnet fooling

RNG cycle hacking

Fraudulent Code – The Evergreen Method

Gas Station Slot Machine Hacks


Things including the slot machine work by communicating in a computer language, there are gaming authorities that ensure that the computer language is not alien in a sense that it leads to cheating, or in other words, there are no cheat codes involved.

There is an inbuilt function to audit the slot machines and the audit is done with respect to the gameplay and the transparency of the slot machine. Gas Station slot machines are easily rigged and they are not the center of attention of the authorities in comparison to the big fish, or the big casinos in easy terms.

The lack of audit and the inclusion of easy cheat codes means the gas station has a way to manipulate everything but there have been cases where customers like Ronald Dale Harris, used a code to earn millions of dollars but eventually he was caught.

Shaved Coins – The Old Trick

Although the shaved coin scam doesn’t quite exist today, I still find it interesting to learn about but it might help you gain some basic knowledge and learn gas station slot machine hacks that we don’t even know about.

A light sensor was added to slot machines as technology advanced. Generally, optic sensors worked independently of the physical comparators in many machines.

A shaved coin would be returned upon being sent down concurrently with an object matching the shape and size of the stake coin. The other object would land in the machine and play would begin.

Fake Coins – Lucky Bet

Fake Coins are used and still people if they get win a lot of money but over the years there has been great advancement in technology and it takes no effort in recognizing the fake coins. Secondly, also there are new improved methods by the con artists to produce great identical fake coins to the original one’s but the production cost is high so they rather focus on making it to gain an advantage in a big casino not some small gas station slot machine.

The String Trick – Tricky Old Ways

The technique was the key to this slot cheat. When the player attaches the string to the coin and sends it through the machine, it triggers the start of the game. Then the coin is brought back up using the string.

The march of technology has now rendered this technique obsolete. Nevertheless, this is a magnificent idea, and you would have seen a huge win if it had worked. There are still old machines in some states and this technique can be one of the greatest gas station slot machine hacks even in 2021.

Piano Wire – A Little Expertise Needed

In 1982, an employee group at Caesars Boardwalk Regency casino in Atlantic City organized a pool party. Using 20-inch piano wires, he attached 20-inch long power cables to the whirring guts of the slot machine.

Using these wires, the group could then manipulate the wheel rotations by shutting down the clock that measured them.

Their entire scheme was filmed, and the winning player was arrested as soon as he left the premises. They won $50,000, but their scheme was caught on film, and the winning player lost $50,000.

Magnet Fooling – A Piece of Cake?

This was very popular in the early and late 1960s and at the time the demand for strong magnets increased in the cities where slots were a popular place to be at. The magnets would stop the smooth functioning of reels and they would spin in a disjoint manner in the slot machine and they would stop at the place they were meant to. The people could line up the winning combination and trigger it allowing the cheating player to win big. This is only a gas station slot machine hack if done on a traditional slot machine, which is very rare and most are run by RNG Cycles or in other words machines.

Hacking RNG Cycles – Expertise Required of The Highest Level

The ability to trick older designs of random number generators has been discovered, but even so, random number generators work due to their design and, as the name suggests, random. The game could have been won by players with mathematical skills. A team of fraudsters has been able to predict how the reels will spin in order to determine which numbers that generator will soon spit out.

Once the players were sent to casinos, the fraudsters would hack the random number generators of the slot machines. Choosing the right time to click on the spin button on some of these slot machines once the player had made a few spins on them allowed them to determine if the slot machine would pay off. This is a little advanced method as you can see for gas station slot machine hacks, but it can work with ease on those machines.

The RNG cycle for the slot could not be determined without help from the computer. A slot machine player far away from the casino could watch someone playing a slot machine through the use of a mobile phone. Once the recordings have been processed, the person receiving them will be able to identify exactly where the RNG slots are located, and when the player needs to press the winning button. A message would be sent from the person processing the payout to the fraudster’s phone, motivating them to click the spin button at the right moment, and at the right time a winning combination would spin, although this may sound ridiculous, it still occurred.


Hacking slot machines is risky and illegal.

Gas Station Slot Machine Hacks


Manipulation of slot machines is punishable by law and no way one should go and do these things. This article was meant for the purpose of spreading knowledge only and we do not recommend anyone to be involved in any unlawful activities.

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