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Can Baccarat Be Beaten? : Complete Guide



Can Baccarat Be Beaten?

Can Baccarat Be Beaten? Yes, it can surely be beaten. There is no game on the face of the earth that is designed in such a way that there is no favorable outcome for the players. Baccarat is considered tough and in reality, it is very hard to win from in the casino. It is one of the most ancient casino game out there and it is a very weird game, where your skill is secondary but other factors that needs understanding and implementing to be able to win are the real actors of success in beating Baccarat.

The very Basics of Baccarat

Can Baccarat Be Beaten?

Playing Baccarat

To get your answer to the question, a Baccarat be beaten? You need to know these very fundamentals or you are never going to make it in this game.

There are only two hands in Baccarat and you don’t have the liberty to play your own hand:

  1. The player hand
  2. The banker’s hand

You would assume you would have to bet on a player’s hand but the answer is no and you can bet on either one of the two hands.  Sometimes hands in a 50/50 outcome or in other words a tie which you can also bet on, giving you a possibility of three betting options.

There are three versions of Baccarat available:

  1. Punto Banco
  2. Chemin de fer
  3. Baccarat Banque

The Punto Banco is the most popular version of Baccarat and we will primarily focus on that in this article.

How to Play Baccarat for The First Time

Can Baccarat Be Beaten?

Learn the basics of baccarat or else!

Baccarat can be seen as a game where you compare cards, the aim is to compare one hand to another hand to see which one wins. The hand with the higher tally of points is the winner and it draws a resemblance to comparing games like Poker and the most resemblance to blackjack.

The rules of calculating the point in Baccarat is unique:

  • Whatever is written on the cards is their value in point for 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.
  • The 10s, jacks, queens, and the kings have a worth of 0 points.
  • The aces are worth 1 point only.

The calculation of points in Baccarat has special rules. For example, if you have 8 points, it means 8 points. If you have 7 points it means you have 7 points but if your total is 16 points, then the number on the left is dropped and the one on the right is kept. It applies to all double-digit numbers. The example of 16 that we talked about, will give us 6 points as the number on the left, in this case, 1; is dropped.

In the most popular version of Baccarat, the Punto Banco. The casino will always act as a banker and there is no involvement of other players in the game.

Similar to blackjack, the casino deals from a shoe, which typically contains eight decks of cards. The dealer begins by extinguishing a card. The dealer then burns a number of cards according to the value of the burn card. These cards are burnt with their backs to the audience.

Just as in blackjack, every hand gets two cards. Alternatively, they are handled, first with a player hand card, then a banker’s hand card, then a second player hand card, and a second dealer’s hand card.

If one hand has a total of eight or nine, that’s the hand. The dealer will report the winner, collect the lost bets, and reward the winning bets.

If we look at these rules closely and learn the basics with great concentration. We can easily beat Baccarat and, the question that “can baccarat be beaten?” has a simple answer, it is all in the understanding of the rules.

Basics of the drawing in Baccarat

The dealer initially checks for a third card from the player’s hand. The rules are straightforward and the complexity isn’t there. If the player is handing in 5 or less than that, then this hand gets a third card. But if the hand doesn’t have a value of 5 or less then the third card is not given.

The dealer then selects whether or not to give the banker a third card. The first issue is whether the player has a 3rd card. If the hand of the player has stood, the hand of the banker follows the rules of the hand of the player, and then it is with the banker to deal the third card to the player or not.

However, if the player receives a third card, the rules are made more complex for the banker, and they are based on the total banker’s hand and on the third card’s value, as follows:

  1. If the total is 2 then the banker hand will always have the liberty of a third card.
  2. A third card is given to the banker if the total hand is 3 and the third card of the player is 8.
  3. The third card is given to the banker’s hand when the total hand is 4 and the third card of the player hand is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7
  4. A third card will be issued to the banker if the hand total is five and the third card of the hand is four, five, six, or seven.
  5. If the total hand is 6 and the third card of the player hand is 6 or 7, the banker will receive a third card.
  6. If the banker’s hand is 7, it is the same

The highest total scoring hand wins.

The Betting at the Baccarat Table

Can Baccarat Be Beaten?

Who to bet on?

You have three possibilities for betting at the baccarat:

  1. Player
  2.  Banker
  3. Tie

The player’s bet will always be paying off even money, while the banker bet will pay off with odds of 19 to 20 while the tie bet will pay off at 8 to 1.

We can illustrate it with these examples:

  1. You bet $50 on the player and you have won. You will get your own $50 and on top of that a wining of $50.
  2. You place a bet of $50 on the banker and you win. You will get your $50 back but $45 in winnings.
  3. You place a bet of $50 on a tie and win. You get $50 but you get a whopping $450.

If this is very complex looking then this game is better to be avoided but if till this point, you are confident enough to grasp the majority of the rules and the way this game is paled, then you may go ahead further and dive deep into understanding this game.

Baccarat is a high betting game and the minimum bet starts from $100 in most cases per hand and it can go upwards to $1000 and even beyond that.

Can baccarat be beaten? Yes, it can be beaten if you are understanding the basics of it thus far, now we will move to more complex things.

Can you beat baccarat? : The ultimate question

There is no casino game that can’t be beaten, people just have a fear of this game and feel it is very tough./Yes it is tough but remove the word “very.”

Luck plays an important factor in this game like any other game but over here in the short run you have to pray for luck to be on your side. In the long run, though the beating of baccarat is no short than a miracle as the mathematical advantage will always lie in the favor of the casino.

What we have learned so far, in the short run you can beat baccarat but in the long run, beating baccarat is not possible easily and is an equivalent of a miracle.

There is no baccarat strategy, because only you decide what to gamble on. You can’t decide if you’re hit or stand.

Neither works card counting in baccarat. They have done the calculation, and from counting cards in baccarat, you just cannot obtain enough of the margin to make it worthwhile.

Neither does it work in the long run to change the sizes of your bets based on what transpired in earlier bets. However, this is the popular “Strategy of Baccarat and this is the most flawed and the strategy a noob will adopt who is not aware of the fact that that baccarat will punish you if you are deploying this strategy.

You will discover gamers that carefully track the bets they win and how many times they win. Some will be jumping on one side or the other if it wins a lot and this can get them confused and the favors will turn in the favor of the casino. For instance, you could sit down and play 4 baccarat hands and the player bet could win three. You may (error in your judgment) think that the player bet wins 75%, so you bet on the player.

There is a mother mistake that most players make, for example, you are thinking that the game is 50% on this side of the player and 50% on the side of the banker if the player bet is winning 3 times in a row, then the winner is about to get his turn but it doesn’t happen like that in Baccarat and you can’t predict it. Like other games, the prediction here is not easy.

After you have lost, naturally one of the methods is to increase your bets to get back your losses but it doesn’t work like that and you certainly will be bound to fail if you do that in the majority of the cases.

The odds are decided by the deck cards. In an eight-deck shoe, what has transpired in prior hands has a limited impact. And the only reason prior hands influence the likelihood of the following hand is that it alters the shape of the deck (the cards that have been played are no longer in the deck).

But the math they did. The counting cards on baccarat cannot provide you an edge.

You might attempt the Martingale Strategy if you double the bet size after each loss. The problem is that your bet size grows too large since it’s too rapid.

If the betting range is less, then the martingale strategy is redundant but if the betting range is wide then you can have a chance using this strategy.

The Best Adopted strategy to Win at Baccarat

Can Baccarat Be Beaten?

Cost of entertainment

This strategy is going to have the principles that we talked about before. In the short term, your chances of beating the baccarat are more than in the long term. Thus the basics of it are dead simple.

Baccarat is essentially for entertainment

There is no way you can make a living out of Baccarat or surely have a strategy that can tell you that now you can and will defeat the baccarat. There is not one who can predict this nor anyone who has mastered it. The best way is to relax and see the game as entertainment and then respect the rules of the casino and the table in particular.

It will cost you money like any other game

You’re going to win in baccarat occasionally and lose sometimes. But you will lose more frequently than not, and the cost of your enjoyment is these net losses. You’ll feel that baccarat is no different than buying a video game or watching a game of basketball.

Keep the cost of entertainment low

The principles of probability will always be in the favor of the casino in the long run. Thus calculating the winning odds is very important you need to place your bets in accordance with that, and thus keeping your entertainment cost as you desired but for most players, they would ideally want to keep it low to get more entertainment in less money.

Who to Bet on in Baccarat?

The obvious answer is the banker as his edge will always be more. The player bet can be a good option but the element of risk is more in comparison to betting on the banker. The tie bet has the most risk and it is illogical to bet on it if you have a concrete strategy because yes it pays more but the chances of you winning are very slim.

The simple rule that we will tell you is to not rely on your 6th sense, you can’t do that. Just stay on the side of the banker if you want to win as it has the least risk involved and in the long-term, the banker will win.

Can I Win at Bacarrat Always?

The simple answer to this is, no! You can not win at Bacarrat always and this is not a question a person with a winning mindset should be asking.

The bottom line

You will be highly disappointed because of the answers you got to your question “Can baccarat be beaten?” But it is the reality, that in the short-term you might have chances but in the long-term, the banker will always be preferred.

See the game as entertainment and lower your cost of entertainment. But if you are betting rather than playing, then surely siding with the banker is the way to go because the chances of the player beating the banker, are very low.

But despite all this, if you have taken the challenge to beat baccarat then keep your cost of entertainment in check.






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The Disadvantages of Master Betting



disadvantages of Master Betting

Betting can be very addictive, especially if you have good luck and you keep winning. Similarly, betting for a Masters tournament also becomes an addiction. However, what a lot of wagerers do not realize is that there are several disadvantages of master betting. You might be asking what could be better than watching the Masters and watching your bankroll grow with each exhilarating birdie. In order to inform you of all the negative impacts it can have on you, your life, and your bankroll, our betting experts have prepared this guide.

We want to help you by providing extensive information on the course and the major criteria that go into determining whether or not to wager on Master tournaments.

What is a Masters Tournament?

disadvantages of Master Betting

Golf Masters Tournament

If you are a novice who’s reading this post to see if you should wager or not, there is a good possibility you do not know what a Masters Tournament is. It is just fine if you do not know about it. Instead, It is fantastic that you’ve decided to look for it rather than risking your money on something you do not understand. People frequently hear about things from other bettors and friends and then try them out without doing any research on their own. They suffer numerous losses as a result of this.

A Masters Tournament is a popular Golf Tournament that is based in the United States. It takes place every first week of April and has a big fanbase. Moreover, it is one of the four most major and popular golf tournaments in the US. The other three being U.S. Open Championship, The Open Championship, and U.S. PGA Championship. Hence, people have started wagering without knowing the disadvantages of Master betting. Augusta National Golf Club is the lone venue for the tournament. In Augusta, Georgia, in the southeastern United States, inside a huge private course.

The tournament winner not only receives a monetary award but also receives a special green jacket. Since 1949, this has been a legal and informal custom for the previous year’s champions. After winning, winners keep their jackets for a year. Then they give it back to the club to wear until they’re on the premises. Only the undisputed champion has the permission to remove the green jacket from the Augusta National premises, and after that, it must be returned to the club. The green jacket is akin to a championship belt in concept.

What Are The Disadvantages of Master Betting?

After betting on Master Tournament became legal in many states in 2020, the number of Master bettors increased significantly. A lot of people might think that Master betting must be similar to their local bets. However, there comes a big difference between betting on such a tournament and betting on local matches. With bigger tournaments, come bigger risks, and bigger risks cause more anxiety. More anxiety can cause you to make irrational decisions which will then result in bankruptcy. These are just a few of so many disadvantages that Master betting has. Here we will give you reasons to rethink your decision of betting on Masters and to make smart choices.

Too much Misinformation on the Internet

disadvantages of Master Betting


If you’re considering placing a bet based on information found on the internet, be aware that most of the time this information is outdated or created just for the sole purpose of generating clicks. You must be betting to increase your bankroll and that is exactly what most of these sites are doing. Make contacts that provide you with reliable insider information and don’t believe everything you see on the internet. Please keep in mind that the odds posted on the internet do not necessarily indicate who will win or lose. Even if someone claims that because of the odds, a certain player will win, it is unwise to believe him. If the odds are correct, they may indicate the likelihood of a particular player winning, but they do not guarantee a win.

Since the number of bettors is not as much as people who bet on football and boxing matches, there is a lack of accurate information. Not many betting experts put their time into researching about it. Hence, a lot of misinformation revolves around the internet, and in my opinion, this is one of the biggest disadvantages of Master betting. Without the right information, it is hard to wage on the right person. However, you can always research things by yourself. But then again there are not many experts who can guide you perfectly.

Varying Trends Are Disadvantages of Master Betting

disadvantages of Master Betting

Trends on graph

Trends are one of the most important things when it comes to betting. These are not to be ignored no matter what. The trends are basically what lets us determine the odds of players winning or losing. You’d probably avoid a golfer who hasn’t shown any signs of a great play or given you a reason to believe a good run of golf is on the horizon. Right? However, in recent years, there have been a number of unexpected incidents. Many black sheep, such as Woods, Mickelson, and Watson, keep showing up and winning, leaving everyone speechless. Because of this many bettors face huge losses.

Players who one would not expect to stand a chance of winning win, causing bettors to hold their heads in despair. If you do not consider the disadvantages of Master betting, you may be one of those unfortunates who are holding their heads.

Some well-known golfers fail to live up to their lofty goals. Take the instance of Martin Kaymer. He’s a professional golfer who’s won the US Open and the PGA Championship. Kaymer only had one career finish inside the top 30 in his first ten Masters tournaments, from 2008 to 2017. Unfortunately, the German ball-striker, who is known for his consistency, has failed to reach his goals in half the size of his ten starts. In any given week, a player can push one’s luck and defy all odds and concerns. Because it’s all about fate, one must exercise extreme caution.

You Compete Against Professionals

disadvantages of Master Betting

Professional bettors analyzing the game

Have you noticed how well the oddsmakers set the lines? This is the result of years of experience and access to the most up-to-date information on the participants. Over the long run, an informed sports bettor who takes the time to gather pertinent knowledge about a given contest can defeat the house. People, on the other hand, frequently wager on hunches or on their hearts rather than their heads.

You’re up against line makers, who are professionals who don’t stay in their employment for long if they don’t do a decent job. On top of that, they have a commission of over 5%. You’re not only up against a professional; you’ll also need to win approximately 55% of the time just to break even. Everyone would start Master betting if it was that simple or even a little difficult. It is important to remember that the betting strategy you might be learning so you can win is already mastered by an experienced and professional bettor.

Lack of Security in Online Master Betting Sites

disadvantages of Master Betting

Lack of Security

One of the most significant disadvantages of online Master betting is that, while players can win enormous quantities of money through their online sports betting activities, there are many negative aspects, such as a lack of privacy and security. Because the majority of the players are strangers, there is no assurance of privacy, which means no one else will be able to see the players’ personal information. Furthermore, online gaming sites may withhold information about the site’s regulations and policies, such as the site’s terms and conditions, which can be difficult to read and comprehend.

Too Much Stress

disadvantages of Master Betting

Distressed man pinching his forehead.

Many online sports betting sites may promote betting by stating how enjoyable and exciting it is. However, it is not as thrilling as they portray it to be. Instead, it is exciting only when you play for fun and have a large bankroll that allows you to lose a few hundred or thousand dollars. If the only reason you’re betting is to try your luck and become wealthy, then, oh buddy, I’ve got some bad news for you.

The only thing these bets will probably give you is stress, anxiety, and mental illness, not some huge jackpot that will change your life like what they show in movies and say to promote their casino or bookies. Yes, some people do strike it rich, but the chances are slim, and ruining your health for something like this when you can just go get a decent job is not something I would recommend.

The human body is designed to experience and respond to stress. When a person faces continuous challenges with no respite or relaxation in between, he may become distressed. As a result, the individual becomes overworked and suffers from stress-related tension. Excessive stress can cause physical symptoms such as headaches, upset stomach, elevated blood pressure, chest pain, and difficulty sleeping. According to research, stress can also cause or worsen certain symptoms or diseases.

Moreover, one might even develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol. I think everyone knows how most gamblers are alcoholics. Isn’t it ironic how one begins betting to make money only to end up with more expenses such as alcohol, medical treatment, debts, and so on? This is by far the greatest disadvantage of Masters betting.

Bookmaker’s Greater House Edge

disadvantages of Master Betting

Scores on a board

One thing is almost certain and unchangeable in Master betting. That is, the bookies will come out on top in the end. It, like any other type of business, has been designed to ensure long-term profitability. After all, it is a business. Whatever sports you choose, the odds of the bookies winning your money outweigh the odds of you winning the bookies’ money. This is because bookies are built with a built-in edge known as vig or house edge. When betting on sports, the bookmaker’s house edge or vig reduces the bettors’ chances of winning the potential payouts. It is the use of bookies’ advantage to ensure that they receive a specific amount.

That is the primary reason why sports betting in bookmakers is so difficult to win most of the time. You must beat them because of the advantage they have in your betting sessions. As a result, if you do not come prepared and equipped with additional research. You will fall short and ultimately lose. I hope you understand that, just like any other business, the bookies will have an advantage over you.


These are some of the most important disadvantages of Master Betting. I believe there are more one can state but that might get irrelevant as our focus here are the negative effects of betting on Masters tournament and not betting in general. Some other disadvantages may include addiction, not having time for family, everyone will doubt you and notice a sudden change in you, which is not good, it will become your full-time job and you will not be able to focus on other things if you lose, and health issues such as headaches and anxiety attacks.

I hope this guide was able to clear your doubts and give you an understanding of the drawbacks of Masters tournament betting. Nevertheless, if you are still willing to bet, then go for it! Maybe, you will be one of those few lucky people that get rich through this. Learn some strategies, sit with professionals, get deeper knowledge about everything, learn the trends, and lastly, do not forget to keep your lucky charm with you. Good luck!

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Ultimate Fire Link Strategy: The Amazing Features



Ultimate Fire Link Strategy

Most slot players like lock-and-spin or hold-and-spin in this modern era. Most probably, it is the most amazing and the hottest feature in the slot machine industry these days. In this article, we tell you the amazing features of ultimate fire link strategy. In the mechanics of the hold-and-spin game, the player chases a goal by collecting the symbols. Usually, the player chases within the number of spins. If the player gets more symbols, he will get more rewards. This game style started with a mega-hit but now it is in demand by most of the manufacturers and players.

Nowadays, you will find the hold-and-spin game everywhere. It is famous since there are more chances of winning in this game. Indeed, there are some cheat codes for slot machines these days that cheaters use.  In addition, the director of game development, Kimberly Cohn said that it is the key to success for many games. You can see exactly what you can win. Even, it is at your fingertips.

The Hold-And-Spin Style

The hold-and-spin style relates to Ultimate Fire Link. It is the most popular scientific game. The main feature of Ultimate Fire Link includes fireballs having progressives or credit amounts. When you land four fireballs on your screen, it triggers the major feature. The four fireballs along with their progressives or rewards stay for three free spins only. Moreover, any other fireballs that land during the spins will stay in place. They will move the remaining free spins back to the three spins.

The Complete Details of Ultimate Fire Link Strategy

Furthermore, this process continues till the time when three spins appear with no fireballs. Besides, the player gets a bonus reward that aggregates all awards on the locked fireballs. Also, Ultimate Fire Link is a big hit for the Scientific Games. There are ten titles in its series. Therefore, Cohn expressed his views about Ultimate Fire Link that, this game has proved successful gameplay for us. So we have decided to upgrade the package. Moreover, we will put it on the new platform. Besides, we will add some twists to its mechanics. So we will add the extra feature of Ultra Hot mega Link. This feature is different since there are additional Ultra Hot fireballs that will add credits to the fireballs in the gameplay.

Ultimate Fire Link Strategy

Ultimate Fire Link

Spicing Up The Feature

This different feature is the main improvement. Indeed, it is lucrative for the players. When the Ultra Hot fireballs land on the screen, it will add credits from two to five fireballs randomly. It includes the four progressive jackpots. Further, if you have locked in a progressive prize, the Ultra Hot fireball will add the amount to the prize of mini jackpot. So Cohn said that the Ultra Hot modifiers are exciting due to this reason. They do not only add credits to the fireballs but also add mini jackpots to the other jackpot.

The Popular Ultimate Fire Link Strategy

This extra feature spices up this gameplay. Therefore, it has become so popular gameplay. Scientific Games was careful regarding everything about the Ultimate Fire Link. The reason is that the players have already shown so much love with this gameplay. The players have loved the four symbols feature and vertical playfield on the monitor of portrait style. In addition, Cohn expressed that we have tried to use the vertical space to make the playfield larger. Since the players love it, so we have tried to add these features in the same sequel.

The improved feature of hold-and-spin is the basic appeal for the players. The players can win more than one of the total four progressive jackpots in just one big shot. The mega jackpot is $10,000, the mini jackpot is $15, the minor jackpot is $50, and the major jackpot is $500. The odds are that Mega has the larger denominations. The prize is 1 million credits times of the denomination. Moreover, these denominations are favorable in 3.9 million. Whereas, the progressive jackpot of big wide-area hits anywhere from 50 million to 100 million spins.

Ultimate Fire Link Strategy

Ultimate Fire Link Strategy

The Program Math of Ultimate Fire Link Strategy

The program math of the base gameplay is similar to the original gameplay. It is a five-reel video slot having four symbols on all the reels. They are available with 10, 20, or 50 pay lines. Besides, the casinos can select from a variety of denomination groups. They range from low denominations penny, 2 cents, 5 cents, and 10 cents. Also, they go to the top combination of $10, $20, $50, and $100 denominations. Hence, this gameplay can go in the high-end slot parlor along with the main floor.

There is good news that the Scientific Games will release the two new games in the series. They include Ultra Hot Mega Link India and Ultra Hot Mega Link Amazon. But Cohn has a prediction that there are going to be some more sequels of this version. Further, Cohn has a viewpoint that this game can be presented to the players in any of the portrait-style cabinets by the company. Therefore, Cohn said that we have a lot of cool ideas regarding the original Ultimate Fire Link mechanics. If the players continue to love it, we will keep trying to make new versions of this popular gameplay in the future.

What is The Amount of Top Jackpots?

The amount of top jackpot is 1 million credits times of denomination.

What is the Average Hit Frequency?

The average hit frequency of this gameplay is almost 87% to 90%.

Summing Up Ultimate Fire Link Strategy

Scientific Games has renewed the most popular hold-and-spin games with Ultra Hot Mega Link. This is an awesome feature for the players for chasing a goal through collecting symbols. Moreover, the probability of winning is more in this popular game style. Besides, this style is at the center of the most popular game series of Ultimate Fire Link. The major feature of this series involves fireballs having progressives and credit amounts. In short, the new features in Ultimate Fire Link will spice up the gameplay.

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Cheat Codes For Slot Machines [2021]



Cheat Codes For Slot Machines

Slot machines are the most amazing and lucrative games that the players, the house, and cheaters enjoy at casinos. Since huge profits are available with the slot machines, so the cheaters and the house are playing the game of cat and mouse since their invention.

The slot machine has a lot of definitions. It is a machine in which you put money or coins to win more coins or money. Sometimes the machine consists of buttons they handle but throughout time, slot machines have been changing with the technology and time. In other words, it refers to a gambling machine in which you put coins or money to get more so people call it a vending machine.

Slot cheaters are using some naughty tricks for many years. In this article, we tell you some naughty and sneaky cheat codes for slot machines. But we do not recommend you using these cheat codes since it is not ethical at all.

Cheat Codes For Slot Machines

Cheat Codes For Slot Machines

Naughty And Sneaky Cheat Codes For Slot Machines

The history of slot machines started between 1890 and 1895. There were certain cheat codes, tricks, or methods of manipulating the slot machine. With time and technology, cheats and methods to manipulate slot machines have been taking birth as well. For example, scammers used the infamous slots cheat method in the early times. It would allow the person to know the source codes and win the game easily. In 1995, the scam was busted and the scammer who invented the cheat code got the punishment in a jail. After that, he eventually got out but it was a matter of time when they arrested him again. There are several cheat codes to trick or manipulate the slot machine. The following are some naughty and sneaky cheat codes for slot machines:

Shaved Coins For Slot Machines

Another cheat code is the shaved coins. In this trick, particularly both of the sides of a coin were sleek and clear and would allow the coin to pass on and it was some kind of a trick and people used it a lot. It is an ancient trick in slot machines but it is really interesting. Nowadays, this scam does not work. However, it is interesting to know this cheating trick. With the advancement in technology, slot machines are using light sensors for registering payments. Moreover, the optic sensor works separately from the physical sensor in most slot machines.

In old days, the cheaters used to send down the shaved coins in the slot machines. They used shaved coins as an object that was similar to the size and shape of the stake coins. Further, the shaved coins would return while the other object would go down into the slot machine and begin play.

Magnet For Cheating Slot Machines

Another cheat code is the magnet. It was a tricky method like people or gamblers would use a piece of magnet to manipulate the rounds or figures. Besides, it is not an ancient trick because the early slot machines were made of metal and there was not much technology so this was effective in the older times but not now. Also, it is not possible to cheat the modern slot machines with a magnet these days. The reason is that they are programmed by computer software. This computer software is of the advanced type. Moreover, modern slot machines are non-magnetic.

But the cheater used to cheat the slot machines by using a magnet. In the past, slot machines were manufactured from metal so it was easy to cheat the old slot machines. The cheaters used to spin the reels and use a strong magnet from the outside of the machine. By doing so, they could stop the slot machine spinning when they saw the winning combination. Then the cheaters would remove the magnet and ask for the reward and payment. In the past, many people earned huge profits by using this trick.

Software Glitch

The cheaters have manipulated the software glitches for many years. The cheaters can confuse the machine by playing a certain pattern of games and stakes. Besides, they trigger glitches that will pay them a huge profit. The players have enjoyed this cheating trick for the past many years. But now the jackpots of the players are not acceptable if they use this trick.

In 2015, an incident happened when a grandmother of 90 years won $41 million. She won this huge profit on a Miss Kitty slot machine in the Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo. Afterward, she tried to sue the casino. But the court rejected her appeal after three years.

Cheat Codes For Slot Machines

Cheat Codes For Slot Machines in Casinos

Replacing The Computer Chip

First, Dennis Nikrasch utilized this cheating trick in a casino. He purchased a slot machine. Then he messed about this slot machine. Besides, he came to know all the flaws. Furthermore, he worked out the computer chips inside the slot machine that can be re-programmed for manipulation. In this way, they controlled the jackpots on tap.

Nirasch purchased a lot of chips, got hold of a bunch of keys of slot machines, hired a team of scammers, and initiated an era of scamming that was dangerous for the casinos. Even this cheating trick would bleed the casinos dry for many years. Additionally, he applied this cheating trick by switching the independent chips for the manipulated chips.

Monkey Paw

Carmichael was the creator of this cheating trick. He was a genius in terms of cheating tricks. Additionally, he tested out the new methods on a video poker machine. Then he made the correct contraption eventually. Afterward, he got the string of the guitar and attached it with the bent metal rod. Then he would thrust it into the air vent of the machine. Moreover, he wriggled it around till the time for the coin hopper, he clicked the trigger switch. This cheating trick was amazing and easy.

Top-Bottom Joint

Another cheat code is called the top-bottom joint. It is a very fascinating method. This cheating method was famous in the 1970s and 1980s. Besides, this was one of the most cunning cheating tricks at slot machines in the past. The cheaters used a tool that was split into two parts including top and bottom parts. The top part was a metal rod and its ends were bent in the shape of q. Moreover, the bottom part was a long wire.

The cheaters used to jam the slot machines by putting the bottom part through the coin chute. Also, they put the top part through the coin slot. Hence, the cheaters used to force the game for releasing all the stored coins.

Cheat Codes For Slot Machines

Slot Machines in Casinos

The Bill Validator Device

This is an effective and easy cheating trick. This is a small device wrapped around a bill for fooling the slot machine to think it accepts a $100 bill. But it accepts only a $1 bill in reality.

Piano Wire

In 1982, a group of men worked in Atlantic City at the Caesars Boardwalk Regency casino. One man opened the slot machine that he targeted. Then he attached 20 inches long piano wires to the whirring guts of the game. The wires of the piano used to jam the clock that usually measured the wheel rotations. Hence, the man could manipulate the spins by using the piano wires. Moreover, this group won the jackpot of $50,000. But their scam was recorded in a video. Also, they were arrested by the police. In short, this cheating trick is an old but interesting trick in the world of lot cheats.


Another method is the yoyo trick. It is a very common trick and scammers used it a lot. Even many players used this trick for the coin video game. So it was effective in ancient times but not nowadays. Further, this cheating trick was a unique technique. The cheater attaches a string to the coin. He sends the coin into the machine till the time it triggers the beginning of the game. Then the cheater brings the coin back up by using the string.

Moreover, it is a classic cheating trick if it works. So you can win a huge jackpot in this case. These days, the cheaters thank the march of technology for this cheating technique.

Cheat Code For Slot Machines

The gambling authorities ensure the fair and correct operation of the gaming industry. Engineers design gaming machines. So they can monitor and audit the gaming machine while delivering quality gameplay. But sometimes, the cunning engineers decide to rig the codes for their benefit. An engineer, Ronald Dale Harris from the Nevada Gaming Commission, utilized this cheating trick. He was well aware of the fact that how to cheat the slot machine.

Moreover, he continued cheating the slot machines by knowing the source codes. But when his partner won a huge jackpot of $100,000 in the casino, the scam was discovered by the authorities.

Fake Coins For Slot Machines

Fake coins are also a method of manipulating a slot machine. Con artist Louis used fake coins to scam the casino for many years. But the casino caught him red-handed in 1998. Then he got bail in 2006. After that, he started doing cheating again. The police arrested him again after a few months eventually. In short, using fake coins is an old method of cheating in history.

Cheat Codes For Slot Machines

Naughty Ways For Cheating Slot Machines

Light Wand

First, Tommy Glenn Carmichael created this cheating technique. He was one of the most notorious slot cheaters in the whole history of gambling. The magicians including Dynamo, David Blaine, and David Copperfield might have the capability for creating the illusion of something happening. But Carmichael would utilize the light wand for making huge jackpots win magically appear out of the air.

The light wand would blind the optical sensor on the slot machines. Therefore, the slot machine could not find out how many coins were deposited into it. It means the slot machine did not know about the payout. Henceforth, Carmichael turned his small wins into massive payouts by manipulating the slot machine through this cheating trick.

It is Tricky to Cheat Slot Machines

There are a lot of cheat codes available for slot machines. With time and technology, there comes new machines and new cheat codes. But nowadays as we all know all the slot machines have computerized features and they have a high-security system. So nowadays if someone tries to use a code on a slot machine so there’s a 90% chance it won’t happen and the security will get him whoever tries to do it the wrong way like not in the fairway.

Furthermore, the casino and slot machines authorities are very strict on everything nowadays and the security is flawless in every casino. With time, there are so many new kinds of slot machines. Some are big and some are small. You get to see a lot of new things in the gambling and casino world. Nowadays little kids can figure out how to trick or manipulate certain slot machines. Well cheating a slot machine is a very risky thing and you cannot do it if you are not a professional at it.

Wrapping It Up The Cheat Codes For Slot Machines

Slot machines are the best tool for earning huge profits these days in casinos. We have given you some naughty and sneaky ways to cheat slot machines including software glitch, computer chip replacement, monkey paw, bill validator device, piano wire, top-bottom joint, yo-yo, light wand, fake coins, magnet, shaved coins, and cheat codes. We can cheat slot machines in different kinds of ways. Some are risky some are not risky. Some are legal some are not legal. But sometimes some gamblers would do anything to win. However, we do not recommend you using any cheating tricks. You should try to win the jackpot through your intelligence and effort. So enjoy the slot machine games at the casinos and have fun.

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