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Bier Haus 200: Totally Free Online Slot Machine




Bier Haus 200

Bier Haus 200 Slot Machine is a type of slot machine. There are different names of slot machines in various parts of the world. The Scottish call it puggy, the British call it a fruit machine, the Americans call it a slot machine, the Canadians call it the slots, the Australians call it poker machine or pokies. A slot machine is a gambling machine, and it creates chances of gaming for the customers. The history of slot machines is quite old. First, Sittman and Pitt developed a slot machine in 1891 in New York.

The Basis of Bier Haus Slot Machine

The Bier Haus Slot Machine relates to the world’s largest traveling funfair and beer festival, so it is based on Oktoberfest. Germany celebrates this beer festival on an annual basis. Every year, Volkfest is arranged in Munich, Germany. The Germans have been celebrating this beer festival since 1810. Isn’t it the oldest? Yes, it is. In 1810, it became a tradition in Germany among all the Bavarians. The Germans celebrate this beer festival for almost sixteen days. Usually, it comes to an end on the first seven days of October. Volkfest attracts the attention of thousands of people belonging to various fields of life. Even some countries have tried to replicate this beer festival, but nobody succeeded like Germany. Therefore, you can call it a traditional German beer festival.

Bier Haus 200

Slot Machine Games

Bier Haus 200 Slot Machine Game

People take a glass of beer in their hands and keep on spinning the wheels in the bar. There is a total of 40 pay lines and 5 reels in the Bier Haus. Previously, there were mechanical reels to show and give the results. All the original slot machines have five reels. Now the three reels have become a standard, and they are more reliable. Payline is a line crossing through the symbol on the reel, and winning opportunities are evaluated through this reel. The range of betting for the players is 40 and 200 for each spin. The Bier Haus has some extra spins that are available to the players for free.

Bier Haus 200

Bier Haus 200 Slot Machine

Bier Haus 200 Slot Machines Symbols And Target

This slot game has some wild symbols that make it attractive to play. These symbols are similar to the joker cards. They appear on certain reels and have an opportunity to stack across the reel. Many people want to enjoy the Bier Haus Slot Game. Moreover, this slot game has an Oktoberfest theme. Another opportunity that is available to all the players in the Bier Haus 200 Slot Machine.

People set their targets to win the jackpots on the Bier Haus 200 Slot Machine. This slot game pays well to all the players. You can get many free games with some wilds. So the Bier Haus 200 Slot Machine has forty lines and five reels. It has an expanded format of 5×4. The name of its creator is Williams. All the land-based casinos and other special casinos have the Bier Haus 200 Slot Machines. The Play4Fun ensures its availability in all the casinos.

In this game, some blue reels are set against the background of the bar. This game has the same process as the Bier Haus. It has five reels and forty pay lines. It is easily available in the casinos of Europe and Las Vegas. Moreover, it has the same feature as extra spins.

Bier Haus 200

Extra Spins in Game

The Bier Haus 200 Return to Player

When the player wins the Bier Haus 200 Slot Machine, he gets a 96% return. When some people are drunk and play slot machine games at casinos, they lose a huge amount of money. But this is not the case with the Bier Haus 200 Slot Machine. Even if you are drunk and are playing late at night, you will not lose money. Furthermore, there are some staking options due to which players of all the bankroll levels can participate in this slot game. The amount of bet starts from 1p and goes to £5 per pay line. In addition, if you want to play with all the pay lines, you will have to pay the minimum amount of 40p and the maximum amount of £200.

Bier Haus 200

Bier Haus 200 Slot Machine Game

Oktoberfest-The Beer Festival

In Oktoberfest, the reels represent joy and happiness with the symbols. The wild symbol of three overflowing jugs of beer can replace the other wild symbols except for gold symbols. The gold feature symbols depict a busty blonde beer girl. Further, the players require those wild symbols to get extra spins for free.

A Bavarian beer drinker with mustaches also appears, beaming across his face. He is a wild symbol of the highest amount. There are some other symbols like acorns with oak leaves, beer barrel, castle, accordion, beer stein, and standard symbols of poker such as red heart, blue space, pink diamond, and purple club. You can get these symbols in the Oktoberfest.

Bier Haus 200

Bier Oktoberfest

The Fun Festival of The Oktoberfest

The Bier Haus is a slot machine that is full of fun and entertainment. You can play it in all the casinos offering WMS slots. The wild symbols depict beer drinking, dancing, and fun. In addition, the busty beer girl symbols attract the attention of the people more than the beer barrel.

Opportunities to Get Extra Spins in The Bier Haus 200

There are many opportunities of getting the extra spins. Even you can win up to 80 extra spins. So do not worry about the 5 spins only. Rather you can win a lot of extra spins. It is more than the other slot machines like IGT’s Siberian Storm. First, you require a combination of symbols on the reels. It is amongst the qualities of Gold feature symbols on the first reel. You will get 5 extra spins for Gold feature symbols. Moreover, you will be able to get extra 5 spins from the Gold feature symbol. Therefore, you can get a maximum of 80 extra spins. Further, you should be an expert to win casino games. For instance, if you know the tactics to win at the Casino with $20, you will not need extra spins to win the huge amount.

In addition, the Gold feature symbols can be converted into the Locked wilds, and they remain in place until all of your free spins are finished. So it provides you many combinations to win. Further, it is rewarding when you struggle to get the extra spins.

Bier Haus 200

Mega Big Win of Bier Haus Game


The Bier Haus Slot Machine refers to the most entertaining beer festival that is held every year in Germany. Volkfest urges thousands of people to come there from all the fields of life. People win the jackpots on the Bier Haus 200 Slot Machine since it pays well to the players. The return to players in this slot game is 96%. Hence the players do not lose all of their money in this casino game. Moreover, the players can get up to 80 extra spins. In short, many people enjoy this amazing slot game in bars and casinos.

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