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Uno Vegas review 2022



Uno Vegas homepage

Uno Vegas casino is one of the biggest online betting platforms in Indonesia. This platform provides many live casino options, lottery, and slot games. Players can also bet on different kinds of sports like badminton, esports, and many more. It also provides users with a number of unique promotions and offers that can enhance their betting experience on this site. You can check out the following article to know more about this fantastic betting platform.

About Uno Vegas Casino

Unovegas casino has the experience of almost two decades. The site has an extensive range of casino games and live casino options. It has a lot of decent offers and promotional services for its users. A reliable customer service center and various payment methods make this betting place better than many other casinos in Indonesia. It is a safe site to bet on your favorite sports, events, and championships.

Software providers of Uno Vegas Casino

Uno Vegas casino has a wide range of slot games, lottery options, and live casino games. All of these games are provided by reliable software providers. Unovegas has a massive list of software providers that have collaborated with them over the years. The list of those providers is in the following section.

  • Opus Gaming
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Playtech
  • Game Art
  • Microgaming
  • Red Tiger
  • Gameplay Interactive
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Realtime Gaming
  • CQ9

Bonuses and promotions

According to different games and casino options, Unovegas provides various promotions and offers for its players. Following are the complete details of those bonuses and their terms and conditions.

promotions at Unovegas

IDNSLOT Cash drop

IDNSLOT cash drop bonus is available for the game Power of Odin. In this bonus, IDR 1,500,000,000 will be given to players 4 times a week. The total prize money for this event is IDR 6 billion.


  • Every player that has a profile on www unovegas com is eligible for this promotional offer.
  • Lucky players will get this bonus randomly.
  • This event or promotional offer is available from July 2022 to 03 August 2022.
  • The casino can change or modify the conditions regarding this bonus anytime.

Mega bonus

Mega bonus is divided into 4 periods. In every period, 1000 winners will get a random prize up to IDR 1,000,000,000. This offer is available for games like Golden Wild, Curse of the Pyramid, Poker Mania, Power of Odin, and Hockey Tiger.


  • The minimum turnover to become eligible for this bonus is IDR 1,000,000.
  • This offer is available from 07 July 2022 to 03 August 2022.
  • The decision of the site cannot be challenged at any point.

IDNSLOT tournament

IDNSLOT tournament bonus is available for Unovegas slot games like History of Independence, Garuda Man, and History of Proclamation. This amazing promotional offer gives players the opportunity to win a prize of up to IDR 200,050,000.


  • Every player is eligible to take avail of this promotional offer.
  • Among the top, 2000 players with the highest winning points will receive the bonus randomly.
  • The decision of the company regarding the offer cannot be contested.

E-Lottery special

E-Lottery special bonus will take place between 16 July 2022 to 31 July 2022. In this promotion, players have the chance to win IDR 20,050,000. To join this promotion, you can play IDN E-LOTTERY: SMA5D game and win as many points or chips as you can. Unovegas88 will provide prize money to 585 winners in this promotion.

VIP Race

The bonus of the VIP race will take place between 8 June 2022 to 7 September 2022. It has a total of 13 tournaments that can provide a combined prize of up to IDR 390,000,000. This prize will be delivered to almost 1050 players. Players need to get top positions during the tournament period to be eligible for this bonus. You will get the update regarding tournament leaderboards in a real-time format. After one hour of the tournament, players will get the prize they have won, so make sure to have Unovegas login at that time.

Special Mystery Box

Every Saturday and Sunday, players will get the chance to win cash prizes here at Uno Vegas casino. For that, you need to become active and loyal platform members. You can choose any prize box, and against that, you will receive a considerable price. You have to get a predetermined turnover every day to receive the mystery box bonus.

Lucky Spin

The lucky spin bonus of Unovegas contains different prizes from IDR 10,000 to IDR 250K. Players can have this bonus once every week. The bonus prize will be delivered in the form of chips. However, make sure that loyal members of Unovegas casino can obtain this bonus daily. Some turnover is necessary for this lucky spin, whereas the limit is not defined.

Referral Bonus

The referral bonus at Unovegas us allows users to get millions of rupiahs every week. The commission of reference bonus is different in different games. For instance, you will get a 0.8% bonus if you refer the Mickey Mouse game to your friend. It is 1.5% for slot games and 0.2% for live casino games. You will be paid with the percentage on the first deposit of your reference account.

Multiple payment methods

On Unovegas us players will find various payment options which they can use according to their preferences. It has every transaction method that is perfect for users from Indonesia. Many of these methods are also accessible to players in different parts of Asia. Below are the names of those payment methods.

payment methods at unovegas

  • BCA
  • Mandiri
  • Bank BRI
  • Voucher 88
  • Permata Bank
  • Mega Bank
  • Panin Bank
  • Jenius
  • Bank Syariah Indonesia
  • May Banks

Conditions for withdrawing money at Uno Vegas Casino

Withdrawal at Unovegas casino means to exchange the game points or chips with actual money. Before making a withdrawal, make sure that you have read all the following conditions regarding it.

  • The minimal withdrawal account is 25,000 IDR.
  • It is necessary for the bank to remain online if you want a successful withdrawal.
  • Go to the live chat customer service if you face any ambiguity regarding the transaction.
  • Withdrawals can only be accepted for the first account that you have attached. Unovegas88 casino will not be responsible for any other account that you attach later to your profile.
  • In any interruption or if the bank is offline, the transaction will not be processed, and you will be notified about it.
  • Users will find the withdrawal form on www unovegas com in the withdraw menu.

Conditions for Depositing money at Uno Vegas Casino

Depositing here at Uno Vegas Casino means to exchange your money for chips to play casino games. You can use those chips to win more and withdraw them as actual money. However, there are some conditions regarding the depositing of money that you must read.

Deposit at Unovegas

  • 10,000 IDR is the minimum deposit amount.
  • You can deposit a maximum amount of IDR 500,000,000 only one time.
  • The bank should be online if you want to successfully deposit the money.
  • If, for some reason, you do not receive chips in exchange for money, contact out customer support center.
  • Paying attention to the active destination account is necessary to stay away from any disturbance.
  • Make sure to confirm the deposit of the money on the Deposit menu of the website once you have made a deposit.
  • You can see the deposited chips in your profile in the current balance tab.

A responsive and secured website

Unovegas has a website capable enough to remarkably provide all kinds of casino services. It is responsive, so you can easily open it on all mobile screens. The site is also compatible with different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. It is encrypted with SSL authentication. This encryption allows customers to ensure about their private details, such as banking information. The website is free from all kinds of bugs and errors, plus it has a user-friendly interface as well.

This betting site also has a mobile application that is available for all kinds of Android devices. You can find the APK of this app on the application store, or you can just scan the bar code mentioned on the website. Just allow unknown resources on the mobile settings before installing the application.

Uno Vegas Casino: A reliable betting platform!

At www unovegas com, players will get the chance to bet on their favorite games and sports and win tons of money. It has a rich history of almost 20 years, and it provides casino services at their best. Whether you are a fan of slot games or you prefer betting on the live casino option. This platform is for every betting enthusiast in Indonesia.

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MPO007 Casino Review



MPO0007 – The licensed website of Indonesia

In this casino, you will find some amazing promotions, guaranteed payment methods, and a secure platform in Indonesia. The sites of the casinos in Indonesia are unlimited but those sites do not have any guarantee or license to provide you with a suitable gaming platform. With the MPO007 slot, you will find the trusted gambling platform with all the games that will direct you towards huge wins.

As the site understands the likes and dislikes of the players, you will find all your favorite games on this platform. MPO 007 has just launched in 2022 and till now it has successfully reached thousands of players that play every day.

Bonuses and rewards at MPO007 login

The casino is licensed; for this reason, you will find the MPO007 bonus in a lot of games and can also find unlimited offers that the site comes up with every now and then. There are unlimited promotional offers for you that you can enjoy from the start of your journey, and the chances of winning grow with the gameplay of the players.

Bonuses at MPO0007

10% cashback on all your losses

The offer of 10% cashback is rare in the online casino industry in Indonesia. As for MPO007 login and cashback, it is not limited. The service is for all the players. Once you make a deposit on the site, you are ready to make a bet. In the other casinos, when you make a bet, you either win or lose the entire amount. With the 10% cashback offer, you get 10% back of the total amount that you lost on that day.

This offer is valid for all the players as the site makes sure that you never run out of money after your first deposit. Here is how you can get your daily deposit promo of 10%:

  • Firstly, there are no restrictions, and the offer is for all the players.
  • There is a limit on the deposit that you need to make to be eligible for the offer. An amount of Rp. 20,000 has to be made, and then you can enjoy the 10% cashback daily.
  • As for the nominal MPO007 bonus, there is a limit on withdrawal. The maximum bonus that you can get is IDR 300,000.
  • You will find this cash in your e-wallet promo code section. Members have to transfer the funds from here to their main e-wallet so that they can use the money to further play games.

 Safety bet promo that you don’t want to miss

The site is famous for taking care of its players and ensuring that they never run out of money. Through a safety bet, you can withdraw the money before the game ends. For example, if you have made a bet on the overall outcome of the match and if you observed during the game that you will lose the bet, then you can opt for withdrawal of the money.

In these cases, you will not get the entire amount back but 50% of it. This MPO007 slot helps the users to avoid losing all the money on one wrong bet. As the offer is only for some games, so take a thorough look at the terms and conditions before you enter into your beetle field.

How to enter the website through MPO007 login

You need to register yourself on the website first to be able to play games and enjoy bonuses. As it is a licensed website, therefore all the players have to provide personal information to register themselves. You will be asked to enter your name, contact number for verification, and further bank account through which you will make your major transactions. You will receive MPO007 slot login access details at your email address. Enter your MPO007 login details and then you are all ready to make a big win.

MPO007 slot games – that will keep you entertained for hours

MPO007 casino games

All of the MPO007 slot games in Indonesia are made in collaboration with ISOFTBET. Here are some of the games that you can play with the highest chances of winning. The MPO007 slot provides its players with the latest hits of the time. You will not only find the popular games but will also find some new games that are gaining popularity within the casino industry.

You will find all the table games, jackpot games, and live casinos, and also you can find a path towards online and live games with MPO007 slot login.

Unlimited service of deposit and withdrawal

The process of making transactions on this website is very easy in Indonesia. There is no minimum or maximum limit to deposit or withdraw the amount. You can deposit the lowest amount that you want and can withdraw the entire amount from the e-wallet any time you want.

Here are some of the methods through which you can deposit or withdraw the money:

Mobile application of MPO0007

Betting is never fun if you have to build an entire environment to log in and play on a desktop. To avoid this inconvenience and to provide all the players with a friendly and exciting environment, MPO 007 is also available as an application for your mobile device. You do not have to hustle to play a game, you can easily play it anytime and anywhere from your mobile, laptop, or tablet and give your games the best go.

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